The Optical Gallery is one of the UK’s most exclusive optical stores, successfully caring for its community's eyesight and eyewear fashion style since 1996. They are in their second generation of qualified opticians run by the 3 brothers; Nicos, Antonios and Marios Antoniades who decided to carve a lane exclusive to themselves due to their love for eyewear fashion. They source niche independent handcrafted brands by experienced spectacle makers and also have a keen eye for finding rare luxury vintage eyewear that is brand new. They tie this in with an impeccable service and a well structured styling experience which is what has attracted a style conscious clientele. Their collection of eyewear and their beautifully designed interior is what makes them more of an “eyewear gallery” rather than a standard opticians you see everywhere. 


“We aim to make choosing glasses an enjoyable and effortless experience. We select a style that best complements who you are as we understand that choosing glasses can be difficult. You don't know what suits you, and in most opticians you will find rows and rows of glasses that all begin to look the same. This is where our experienced handpicked eyewear stylists recommend frames to each individual using a structured styling process that depends on many factors. Our approach is such that the client tends to find something better than what they were expecting; taking them out of their comfort zone and into a style that is unique and individual to them.