If you are here, then you have probably been told that you have a cataract.

A cataract is a painless but annoying gradual clouding of the eye’s natural lens, which lies behind the pupil and the iris. It is almost like looking through a dirty window.

This process tends to occur as people get older, but if you are suffering from this condition, there is no need to simply put up with it.

To understand the impact of cataracts, you first need to understand the function of the eye’s natural lens and the retina. The retina is situated at the back of the eye; it is a light-sensitive tissue. The lens is the clear part of your eye which helps to focus light onto the retina. Thus, when the lens becomes clouded, vision is impaired.

Most opticians will make you wait until your cataract is unbearable. The process then gets referred to your doctor who will then put you on the NHS waiting list. The process can take 8 weeks or more, and there are not many options available, for example having both eyes treated at the same time. 

With The Optical Gallery we have partnered with a 5 star eye hospital called Optegra, making the process of a cataract operation safe, speedy and easy.

Options are available for NHS and private clients. Our clients are seen within 3 weeks of being referred to Optegra who will initiate their first consultation within 48 hours.

If you have health insurance and wish to be seen privately you may, in which you will get even more options like, the type of correction treatment you will have and even down to which surgeon you'll see. 

We will be with you on every step of this journey, as we will be providing your post op examinations after Optegra discharges you.