At The Optical Gallery we have been fitting and supplying contact lenses with all the major suppliers for over
20 years.

Contact Lens Fitting

Whether you want a fresh look, the freedom to be more active and have all round vision with no restriction, we can advise the best solution to fit you and your visual lifestyle needs.

We work closely with all the major contact lens companies to be able to tailor a variety of lenses from; hard gas permeable lenses, soft lenses for daily, monthly or even overnight wear, as well as multifocal and astigmatism correcting lenses.

The initial fitting takes up to 30 minutes with our senior optometrist who will check:

  • An initial discussion and expectations of contact lenses
  • The External eye health of your eye to determine your suitability for contact lenses.
  • The Prescription required for contact lenses
  • Training you for contact lens care, insertion and removal
  • A weeks free trial before coming back in for your final fitting to either sign you off or further adjust and seek alternative lenses

Contact lens wearers are required to be seen for aftercare appointments once a year.

It is important to know that contact lens aftercare appointments are not the same as an eye examination. With contact lenses we look at the front surface of the eye in which the contact lens sits.

At a contact lens aftercare appointment takes 30 minutes allow our senior optometrist to:

  • Check your vision and improve it they see neccessary
  • Check how your lenses are still fitting
  • Check whether you still find your lenses comfortable
  • Flag any underlying eye problems due to wearing contact lenses
  • Offer the treatment or advice if you’re experiencing dry or itchy eyes
  • Suggest switching to a different type of contact lens if needed

It's worth remembering that you will need to be wearing your contact lenses to your appointment and also to bring your glasses with you too.

Initial Contact Lens Fitting Appointment
(Free Trial)


 Contact Lens Aftercare Appointment