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Total Width: 127mm
Lens Width: 48mm
Lens Height: 44mm
Bridge: 22mm
Glasses Front Sizing
Side Length: 138mm
Glasses side Sizing


Jabroc® wood is a specific type of birch wood that was developed for formula 1 in 1994 for safety reasons. Since then, it has been used on all modern-day racing cars that rely on downforce in order to control the level of the car on track. Its first main use was on the World War 2 Spitfire airplane, to construct the propellers. Jabroc® wood has half the strength of steel at only 20% of its weight, as strength and weight play an important role in motorsport it was an ideal material to use in the birth of JABROCK Eyewear.

With JABROCK Eyewear holding motorsport close to their heart, the BULLRUN shape is a classic panto shape, coming in the original wood colour, or sprayed in the colours of; Bugatti's gloss red, Mclaren's matte black or Porsche's nardo grey.

JABROCK Eyewear Story

Founded in 2019 by two friends, both with unusual backgrounds have chosen to create exceptional sunglasses that took inspiration for new and creative concepts.

Dean, a former professional racing driver and Mark a stuntman for major movies and TV saw an opportunity to take a different approach to an eyewear brand. An approach that stands for what has inspired their backgrounds where measured risks, a constant drive for perfection and creativity fuelled their desire to always want to improve. Embracing the vision of what can be done, and the thrill of often exploring the unknown.




As a racing driver you’re always searching for the perfect lap, the perfect setup, consistency and innovation to win. This takes creativity, belief, taking risks and dedication to achieve. Being a stuntman shares similar attributes, where executing the perfect performance requires measured risk, timing, testing the limits of your body and intense focus. This lifestyle represents a constant journey to refine your craft in search of perfection.

They want the brand to stand for the same attributes, valuing the vision of the bold, the perfectionists, the thrill seekers and those that appreciate the details through the materials and processes used to make a pair of Jabrock sunglasses.


The behaviour of natural wood means each piece develops its own characteristics in colour and grain, so no two frames are ever the same. Each one has its own individuality.

JABROCK frames are hand made and finished, piece by piece, so you can be sure your frames are one of a kind. We've done all this with engineering partners who work on supercars and racing cars.


Each frame comes with a hard branded JABROCK Eyewear box containing an official soft case and branded cleaning cloth (Cases my vary in style)

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