Embrace the Festive Season with Free Eye Tests and Exclusive Offers in Twickenham and Chessington!

Embrace the Festive Season with Free Eye Tests and Exclusive Offers in Twickenham and Chessington!

Are you ready to step into the holiday season with crystal-clear vision and style? Look no further than The Optical Galley Opticians! We're thrilled to announce our special seasonal promotion for residents of Twickenham, Greater London, Chessington, and Surbiton, bringing you the gift of a free eye test until 30th December 2023.

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Why now, you ask? We understand the financial strain that often accompanies the festive period, and we believe your eye care shouldn't take a back seat. Our comprehensive 40-minute eye exams ensure your visual health remains a priority during this joyful time. Additionally, to make this holiday season even brighter, we're offering a generous 50% off on second pairs of glasses if needed.

At Optical Galley Opticians, being nominated for an opticians award this year is a testament to our commitment to your safety and well-being. We are dedicated to ensuring everyone has access to top-tier eye care services without any compromise. Our team of fashion award-nominated opticians is here to provide expert lens and frame styling advice, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

But here's the best part – our services are inclusive and affordable. With frames starting from just £59, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to flaunt their unique style without breaking the bank. Moreover, we proudly participate in the NHS voucher scheme, ensuring accessible eye care solutions for all.

Make this festive season one to remember by prioritising your eye health and embracing your personal style. Visit us at Optical Galley Opticians in Twickenham and Chessington to experience the magic of clear vision and fashionable eyewear. Take advantage of our free eye tests and special offers before this limited-time promotion ends on the 30th December 2023. Let us be your partner in spreading joy and wellness this holiday season.

Schedule your free eye test by clicking HERE, or alternatively give us a call at your preferred Gallery (Details below) 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to see the world with clarity and style this holiday season. Visit us today and let us take care of your precious sight!

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