The Optical Gallery

We are proud to still say that our practices are independent and family run. In fact we are in our second generation of opticians, run by; Nicos, Antonios & Marios Antoniades, otherwise known as the '3 brothers'. Our family have successfully been caring for our communities visual needs since 1996. The brothers took over the family business from their father Marios and mother Julia in 2015.

It's an achievement that we are still very much a big part of our community, and that is all down to our loyal clients - so thank you.

We have differentiated ourselves by carving a lane exclusive to us, by curating exclusive independent brands by experienced spectacle makers, and pairing them together with an impeccable service presented by a qualified team of professionals and infusing fashion in to optics with a well structured styling experience.

Our interior has been thoughtfully designed to create a relaxed atmosphere that creatively shows off our exclusive frames. Some would say it is more of an “eye gallery” rather than the standard medical settings that opticians portray.

In 2023 we The Optical Gallery was nominated for the esteemed title of best fashion practice at the 'Optician Awards'.

We are honoured to be amongst 5 other exceptional practices across the UK. This nomination is a testament to the relentless hard work, passion, and dedication we put into making eyewear not just a necessity, but an accessory of expression and individuality.

Best Fashion Practice The Optical Gallery Optician Awards

In February 2024, our Optical Gallery's were honoured at the 'Love Eyewear' awards, earning a place among the top four global contenders for the 'Eyewear Retailer of the Year' title. This recognition celebrated our engaging eyewear styling experience, our eyewear community events, and our carefully selected range of eyewear.

The Optical Gallery Opticians 'Love Eyewear Awards' 'Eyewear Retailer of the Year'

We feel we are a secret society for eyewear enthusiasts, and just like a secret society or any other small independent business, we rely solely on word of mouth. Our customers remain our adverts by what they wear and sharing the fun experience they have via the social media hashtag #TheOpticalGallery. We have since had clients from quite a distance away booking in to view our eyewear gallery. So we cannot thank our customers enough.

To all those spectacle wearers out there that have sat on the train and seen numerous other people wearing the same glasses as you, or maybe you’re that person that dreads receiving your reminder for your next eye examination...Perhaps it is time to step out of the ordinary and get yourself some eyewear exclusive that you LOVE! Remember The Optical Gallery has over 1000 frames in stock at one time and will take the time to get to know you as a person, delivering a fun experience that you will remember forever.