Soirees, Schools, Staff

Soirees, Schools, Staff

It was a busy June here at The Optical Gallery. Some of you reading this may have attended our scattered exhibitions throughout the year, while others might be wondering, “What exhibitions? Surely you are just a normal Opticians?”

Whilst that is correct, we certainly don't operate like a normal one. In our view, Optics can often seem like a routine medical exam - a chore on par with dropping the family dog off at the Poodle Parlour or collecting your shirts from the Dry-Cleaners. We combat this feeling of eyewear-ennui by holding true to our core ethos - that eyewear is an extension of your personality, not just a medical aid.

That's why we operate like an art gallery; we display our eyewear as art pieces - atop plinths, safely-ensconced within glimmering podiums, or surrounded by black Rococo frames upon our walls. We also host ticketed-Exhibitions to promote new Collections and express our gratitude towards our Clientele.

Last month, we hosted an exclusive exhibition for a brand that is not normally seen within our collection - l.a.Eyeworks. The Japanese-Los Angeles eyewear brand took over our Twickenham gallery with their entire collection in all its colourways. We wish we had the space to stock every shape and colourway, but alas! For this special event, our mixologist, Harri, crafted Japanese-inspired cocktails, as the brand's eyewear is handmade in Japan.
We had 18 guests who enjoyed a night of exclusive eyewear, attentive styling, and event-only deals.

We favour only a select few brands to regularly keep in stock. These are the beloved brands that our Clientele will travel miles to view (some Clients even travel from the Northern parts of England to visit us especially!). However, there are many other beautiful brands we'd love to offer but don't have the space to stock permanently. Thanks to our reputation in the world of Optics, the brands allow us privileged-access to their collections. We present them in one-night exhibitions, allowing Clients to view, experience, and purchase them. This approach is unique to us, and it's something we're extremely proud of. Clients who attend these events absolutely love them! It's wonderful to have 20-30 clients under one roof in a social setting reminiscent of a 1960s Cocktail party. Music plays, drinks flow, and everyone just has a great time.

Below, you can see a few of our Clients who attended the l.a.Eyeworks event. If you'd like to be notified of free future exhibitions, just let me or my team know.


However, it's not all soirees and nibbles here at the Optical Gallery - we've also been busy with our school campaign efforts. We recently added St.Dunstan's CofE Primary School in Cheam to our sponsorship portfolio and attended their summer fair with our marquee. Following that, we went to Our Lady Immaculate School in Tolworth, where we set up that same marquee for their summer fair, donated prizes for their raffle, and helped them raise money.

We had an interesting conversation with Mr. Martin, the Headmaster of Our Lady Immaculate School. He mentioned that only 38 children applied for the school this year, even though they can accommodate up to 60. When I asked why, he explained that the low birth rate and high cost of living in the area are factors. Additionally, being a Catholic school, some parents may think they cannot apply, but they welcome all faiths, with a catchment area extending beyond Chessington. He also noted that other local schools face similar challenges. On behalf of Mr. Martin, I want to let everyone know that there is still availability for children entering Reception in September.

In further optical news, The Optical Gallery was interviewed by the highly-acclaimed international fashion eyewear magazine: SPECTR Magazine. They recognised us among some of the best Opticians in the world in their feature titled "Independent is King: A Tribute to the Top Opticians Worldwide." (You can read the feature by clicking HERE.) We were honoured to be featured alongside only two other practices globally, one of which is the new Gotti Switzerland flagship store in Cologne, Germany. We now proudly stock Gotti Switzerland in our galleries. If you're looking for extremely lightweight, durable, and minimalistic eyewear, get in touch with my team and we'd love to show you the collection!

Finally, we are excited to welcome Marketa to our team. Marketa is the Principal Specialist Optician at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. She specialises in cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye-related diseases. Marketa is deeply invested in the field - regularly conducting research and authoring academic papers. We are fortunate to have her running a clinic at our Twickenham branch on Fridays and our Cheam Village branch on Saturdays. This means that for more severe cases, Marketa may be able to provide a quicker pathway to one of the best eye hospitals in the world. If you have any major eye concerns, we recommend giving us a call at either Twickenham or Cheam to book an appointment with Marketa.

Before July whizzes by, we have an exhibition coming up in our Cheam and Twickenham galleries. If you’d like more information, please get in touch. Also, please spread the word for Mr. Martin at Our Lady Immaculate School. Perhaps ask about it at your children’s or grandchildren’s school. Remember, we are here to support local schools in our areas. We love to visit and talk to students about eye health, making it as fun and engaging as our approach to optics at The Optical Gallery!

Have a blessed July!

Nicos Antoniades FBDO (Owner)


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