The Myth: I'm Too Old to Wear Funky Glasses

The Myth: I'm Too Old to Wear Funky Glasses

Your eyewear is the first impression you make when meeting people, because we have to see passed the eyewear to see you.

Working as an eyewear stylist and a qualified dispensing optician for over 20 years, I have styled a variety of; faces, personalities, ethnicities and age groups. As you can imagine I have heard every comment regarding selecting eyewear.

"I want to hide that I am wearing glasses" - Sorry, you can not! They are in front of your face, maybe try contact lenses.

"These remind me of Harry Potter glasses" - Harry wore some very cool glasses and he rocked round frames.

"I want one pair of glasses to do everything and match everything for the next two years"

Impossible! Have you tried wearing one pair of shoes everyday for two years, for every situation and occasion?

If you are this shoe wearer, I would hate to smell your feet!

Believe it or not, some people are like this with their glasses and I have had to clean them.

But the one comment I have heard on a weekly basis throughout my career which I can not understand is;


This is the biggest myth I have ever heard! I’m no psychologist, but I believe that if you are this person, then you are preventing yourself from having a great time and feeling amazing in your glasses.

Especially when you can see that the frames look incredible, flattering and compliment your personality.


Eyewear is a form of expression, I want to dedicate this article to those that feel they are ‘too old’ to wear funky eyewear. To those that see other people wearing interesting glasses, but are worried about taking the step themselves.

We stock and manufacture some of the most incredible designs of eyewear in the world; Theo Eyewear, KUBORAUM, Cazal, Kirk & Kirk, Gotti Switzerland and Ashton Riley to name a few, and I am going to showcase some celebrities of a mature age that embrace the art of wearing stunning eyewear.

Prue Leith:

Prue Leith wearing Kirk & Kirk Eyewear

The face of the 'Great British Bake Off' and a face that has made eyewear more than just a medical apparatus to correct your vision. Prue is a true ambassador for all opticians, and has made a career from wearing bold and complimenting eyewear. She even created her own range at one point, although I never really saw her wear them. Probably as other designers were by far more superior...Stick to baking Prue, leave the eyewear to us experts.

Nether the less, at the age of 83, Prue is definitely embracing her  identity through her fashion style. Eyewear is a massive part of Prue's accessories, matching her jewellery and clothes to her wardrobe of eyewear.

What I love the most about Prue's glasses, there are no logo's on them. it's all about the design and of course the colour. So unless you are in the know, you wouldn't be able to identify the brand or where to purchase a pair like Prue.

In this photo, you can see Prue wearing an independent brand from England called Kirk & Kirk, which we hold here at The Optical Gallery Twickenham and absolutely love!

 Oprah Winfrey

Oprah glasses interview Megan Harry Gotti Switzerland The Optical Gallery

Oprah is another woman who embraces beautiful eyewear.

Her style is the complete opposite to Prue's. Formal, professional and glamorous. At the young age of 68 her glasses really compliment her personality and branding. Oprah is warm hearted, classy and interviews some of the most prestigious celebrities on the planet.

Her glasses are usually elegant, niche, with intricate details that act like makeup for for her eyes. Oprah has been seen wearing many different shape's over the year.  

In this photo you can see Oprah wearing Swiss designed brand Gotti Switzerland in one of her most famous interviews with Harry and Megan.

Gotti is such an interesting and innovative company, and what is beautiful is their use of bringing to life minimalistic eyewear, that is customisable and uses futuristic materials such as 3D printing and designs that are light weight.

Robert Kiyosaki:

Robert Kiyosaki Glasses Rich Dad Poor Dad Theo Eyewear The Optical Gallery

Robert Kiyosaki is an American entrepreneur, businessman and author. He is the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos on YouTube. Robert has become a modern day influencer.

Robert has a fun personality, which is reflected through his fantastic wardrobe of eyewear. Most notably his bright blue, round frames that brighten up his face. You can see him pictured wearing his signature frames to the left, and you guessed right, we stock at The Optical Gallery.

His general attire has always been smart formal and dark suits, but his outfits really come alive when he puts on his glasses, truly embracing the fact that glasses are an accessory and not just a necessity.

Roberts scenario brings me to yet another comment I have heard over the years;

 "Because of my job, I can not wear anything too out there"

The only time your glasses will look 'too out there' is when they don't suit you. We are not trying to make you look ridiculous, we delight in pairing you in the perfect pair of glasses, that matches your personality and style.

Robert talks on quite heavy subjects. I actually believe that his eyewear helps his listeners stay engaged.

At the age of 76, Roberts eyewear game is above average, Robert wears Theo Eyewear.

I have styled countless clients in Theo. They all tell me how many compliments they've received. One quote from a client totally summed up the ideology behind their designs.

"THEO frames advertise friendliness and openness. Countless times strangers join me in conversation which starts by complimenting my glasses"

Sir Elton John:

Elton John Glasses Kuboraum The Optical Gallery

Did you think we would leave out the most iconic eyewear ambassador on the planet!

Now maybe this is a cheat of an example in our list, as Elton has embraced the whole concept of making eyewear his signature from day dot.

But at the ripe age of 76, he continues to break boundaries and embrace the art of eyewear as a part of his daily image.

Elton goes the extra mile with his eyewear. If the frame isn't 'funky', he will make them look above average by adding a tint to the lenses. I'm a big fan of tinted lenses, not only do they protect my eyes, but they can enhance my vision for specific tasks, and they look damn cool.

Unfortunately this photo does not showcase some of Elton's ostentatious tints, that is an article in itself. It does however show a frame that lifts his face and contrasts nicely with the colour of his hair. That frame is from Kuboraum, and you guessed it, we stock it in Twickenham and our Cheam Village Gallery's!

Hopefully this article has enlightened you. If a frame is flattering and matches your personality, then it's probably the right one for you. Try it on, it won't bite!

Trying to hide your glasses does not make you look your age. It makes you look older. Trying to blend in with the crowd is not individual either. As the saying goes;

"Life is too short for boring glasses"

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