Top Tips for Protecting Your Eyes from UV Rays While Looking Great

Top Tips for Protecting Your Eyes from UV Rays While Looking Great

Summer is approaching, and as we yearn for sunny days to break the usual gloom of UK weather, it's time to consider wearing sunglasses. While we should protect our eyes year-round, UV rays are always present, even without a climate like Spain or Greece. Shielding your eyes consistently can reduce the risk of cataracts and other eye issues over time.

Here are our top tips for eye protection, not just for this summer, but all year round:

1. Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are well-known for their ability to change automatically when exposed to UV light, offering consistent protection without the need for an extra pair of sunglasses. Modern versions are much faster in their reaction time. There are two types: Transitions and Transition Xtractive.

Transitions react to UV light, while Transition Xtractive responds to visible light, making them ideal for driving since car windscreens filter UV light. However, Transitions may not work as well in extreme heat, reducing their effectiveness in places like Las Vegas or Nairobi, but they perform excellently in colder conditions like on a skiing holiday. Transition Mirror lenses are great for skiing to reflect light from the snow, and Transition Polarised lenses offer sharper vision for activities like fishing.

2. Dinamica Lenses

Dinamica lenses, offered by Marma London, are a superior choice for photochromic lenses, available only through select opticians in the UK. These lenses react faster, offer richer colours, and come in a variety of shades, making them both protective and stylish.

3. Polarised Lenses

Everyone should own a pair of polarised lenses. They provide clearer, sharper vision and reduce glare by cutting out light in the horizontal meridian. Polarised lenses are perfect for water sports, driving in low winter sun, and general use all year round.

4. Mirrors and Flash Mirrors

Mirror lenses reflect light, offering excellent protection in extreme conditions like skiing or around water. They can be full mirrors or flash mirrors, which provide a trendy, partial reflection while showing the tint colour behind. Both options are highly effective.

5. Tints

Tints are essential for sun protection and come in various styles. Options include full block tints with a single shade, different absorption levels, gradients (darker at the top, lighter at the bottom), and bi-colour gradients (one colour at the top, another at the bottom). Marma London leads the industry in prescription tinted lenses, allowing for extensive customisation to match your style and protection needs.


In conclusion, I recommend having at least a pair of Transition or Dinamica lenses for everyday use and a pair of polarised lenses for holidays or to keep in the car. For specific sports or hobbies, there are niche options available to suit your needs. At The Optical Gallery, we can help you determine the best lenses for your visual lifestyle.

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