Meet The Team at The Optical Gallery


 Meet Nik, Dispensing Optician, head curator   of   eyewear and eldest of the 3 brothers at   the helm of The Optical Gallery. Nik is based at the Twickenham Gallery. Nik expertly blends his passion for eyewear with his skills in marketing. Whether he's helping clients discover their perfect frames or capturing our story through the lens, Nik is always in focus. 📸 👓

  Eyewear: Nik wears theo eyewear Bientot
  Gallery: Twickenham



Meet Zoe, our expert optometrist with over 30 years of experience in optics. Zoe has a sharp eye for detail and takes great joy in understanding and addressing our clients' visual needs. She is particularly passionate about utilizing OCT scans to delve deeper into eye health and is dedicated to the advancements in children's myopia control. You can find Zoe on a Wednesday in Twickenham and the rest of the time in Chessington.

Eyewear: Zoe wears theo eyewear Grilled
Gallery: Wednesday Twickenham, Rest of the week Chessington



 Meet Antonios, Dispensing Optician, lab technician, and head of lens operations at   The Optical Gallery. As the middle of three   brothers leading our team, Antonios has a   passion for technology and a penchant for   round frames—he's got a whole wardrobe of   them! Whether he’s helping clients discover   the perfect lenses for their lifestyle or meticulously assembling new frames,   Antonios does it all with unmatched   enthusiasm.

Eyewear: Antonios wears a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier - 56-0071 from our private collection
Gallery: Cheam Village



Meet Marketa. Specialist optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and The Optical Gallery. Marketa is deeply passionate about her work, regularly conducting research and publishing papers. Her expertise includes Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, and other eye-related diseases. When she’s not at Moorfields Eye Hospital saving patients' eyesight, you can find her at our Twickenham Gallery on Fridays or at our Cheam Gallery on Saturdays.

Eyewear: Marketa is wearing Gotti Switzerland Perspective DC13
Gallery: Friday's Twickenham, Saturday's Cheam Village