Welcome to The Optical Gallery, where eyewear enthusiasts with exceptional taste in eyewear come together. If you've found us, chances are it's because of our meticulously curated and exclusive independent eyewear collections.

Recognising that our unique eyewear brands may not be readily available at your average optician or eyeglasses shop, we understand that visiting one of our Optical Galleries may not always be convenient. However, we believe that you shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to wear incredible eyewear or receive expert lens advice.

Who is the ideal candidate for online eyewear styling?

Given that eyewear styling is not commonly offered by most retailers, its online counterpart is even more scarce. However, it's specifically designed for individuals seeking eyewear beyond conventional choices and who value professional guidance in selecting frames and lenses that complement their unique personality, style, facial structure, skin tone, prescription, among other factors.

Should you have a particular frame model in mind, we welcome your inquiry. Yet, it's important to remember that our styling recommendations are limited to our current inventory.

We are not a storage facility or the manufacturers themselves but rather certified opticians and eyewear image consultants dedicated to assisting you.

Introducing Our FREE Online Eyewear Styling Service:

Global Access to Exceptional Eyewear:

No matter where you are in the world, we're excited to bring our Optical Gallery experience to you. Through a FREE online eyewear styling video call, we can cater to your eyewear needs without the need for an in-person visit.


Personalised Styling Experience:

During the video call, we aim to replicate the in-store experience. We'll have an informal conversation to understand you better – your visual needs, lifestyle, style preferences, and personality. Whether you have a specific frame in mind or need guidance, our qualified opticians are here to help.


Curated Selection and Online Showcase:

Based on our discussion, we'll curate a selection of incredible frames from our collection. Through the video call, we'll showcase these frames, ensuring you get a feel for how they look and complement your style.


Expert Lens Services:

Fitting prescription lenses is just as exciting. Our opticians can customize your lenses with a variety of options, including tints, pre-tints, unique photochromic colours, flash mirrors, coatings, thinning, and more. We'd even be happy to discuss fitting our lenses to your own frames.


Easy Process:

Simply drop us an email expressing your interest, and we'll be delighted to assist you. While we can't perform an eye test online, we trust you to provide us with the necessary information.

At The Optical Gallery, we take pride in being nominated as fashion opticians of the year 2023 and shortlisted for eyewear retailer of the year 2024. Embrace the convenience of our FREE online eyewear styling service and discover the perfect frames tailored to your unique style and vision needs. We look forward to connecting with you online!

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