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CAZAL Legends 607/3 Col.903 (Limited Edition No.36/1000) Buffalo Horn

CAZAL Legends 607/3 Col.903 (Limited Edition No.36/1000) Buffalo Horn

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The Cazal craze is down to one creative genius whose life’s work and legacy shaped the eyewear market, founder Cari Zalloni made his debut in eyewear in 1937 with his eyewear creations becoming a cult in the 80s. Cazal sunglasses revolutionised the market and introduced trends that were previously un-thought of.

Cazal sunglasses complete the 80s hip hop look like no other brand could, such legendary designs are still a trendsetter to this day.

The MOD607 has long been a beloved classic. With this limited edition run of 1000 units made in buffalo horn, Cazal have reinvented this legend once again. To do this Cazal work hand in hand with nature. They do this because it is their nature to want the best and because nature still produces the most beautiful designs. Each and every horn Cazal use has it's own beauty. No two are alike in the hue and grain. This is the stuff of legends and makes each piece truly unique just like the people that wear them. 


Lens Width:56 mm
Nose Bridge:18 mm


Buffalo Horn

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