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CAZAL Legends Mod.300 Limited Edition

CAZAL Legends Mod.300 Limited Edition

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The Cazal craze is down to one creative genius whose life’s work and legacy shaped the eyewear market, founder Cari Zalloni made his debut in eyewear in 1937 with his eyewear creations becoming a cult in the 80s. Cazal sunglasses revolutionised the market and introduced trends that were previously un-thought of.

Cazal sunglasses complete the 80s hip hop look like no other brand could, such legendary designs are still a trendsetter to this day.

The Mod.300 is a limited edition, inspired by the strong angular haircuts, wide temples, and opulent logos that defined the early 80s. Maintaining a spirit true to that decade and evoking the style icons that most defined the era such as Grace Jones. The whimsical golden "cap-style shadow", coming in black, white, yellow and purple, will bring you directly back to the pulse and beat of the dance floor in those wild 80s nightclubs as a 'slave to the rhythm'.


Lens Width:60 mm
Nose Bridge:7 mm


Combination Acetate/Metal

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