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Götti Switzerland Perspective CY06

Götti Switzerland Perspective CY06

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Götti Switzerland Perspective Collection - Ultra-Light, Innovative Eyewear

Discover the Götti Switzerland Perspective Collection, where radical minimalism meets cutting-edge technology. Crafted in Switzerland, these ultra-light frames consist of just a few innovative parts, forming sophisticated, rimless glasses without screws, glue, or soldering. Utilizing a patented plug-in system supported by advanced 3D print technology, Götti offers unmatched lightness and durability.

Explore a variety of lens shapes and edge-rim options designed for strong personalities and authentic style. The Perspective Collection includes both prescription and sunglasses models, with lenses easily cut and installed by our trained optical experts. Each pair is assembled with precision, ensuring a perfect fit and an elegant finish.

Götti’s frames are manufactured from high-quality Sandvik stainless steel and 3D printed components, providing durability and a protective covering for the lenses. The result is eyewear that embodies Swiss craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and confident style.

Shop the Götti Switzerland Perspective Collection on our website for the latest in rimless eyewear. Enjoy fast shipping, secure shopping, and exceptional customer service. Elevate your eyewear game with Götti Switzerland's most advanced rimless glasses today!

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Lens Width:57 mm
Nose Bridge:17 mm


Stainless Steel

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Available in-store & online. Make an enquiry (include frame details) Online Eyewear Styling Available.